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2019      Acquired 67% equity in Hubei Hancai expressway,100% equity in Han’e expressway,and 90% equity                 in Daguannan  expressway.

2018    Optimum implementation of the organizational control system.

2016     Xian Expressway was successfully transferred back to local government when concession ended.

2016     The Company became the first pubilc issuer of Panda bonds in Mainland China with an approval

             princial amount of RMB  3 billion.

2015     Increase the stakes in Changzhu Expressway which becomes a subsidiary 100% owned by the Group.

2015     Acquired 70% equity in Suiyuenan Expressway.

2014     Increase the stakes in Han-Xiao Expressway which becomes a subsidiary 100% owned by the Group.

2013     Obtained 'Baa2' and 'BBB-' respectively from Moody's and S&P, becoming the only Hong Kong listed

             toll road company that obtained investment grades from the three international rating agencies

             for corprate credt.

2012      Obtained 'BBB-' (investment grade) from Fitch for corporate credit.

2012      Acquired 100% equity in Weixu Expressway.

2011     The name of the Group has been changed to 'Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Limited' from 'GZI 

             Transport Limited'.

2011     Increase the stakes in Cangyu Expressway which becomes a subsidiary 100% owned by the Group.

2011     Acquired 51% equity in Wuzhou Port.




2010      Acquired 90% equity in Changzhu Expressway.

2010      In return for the closure of class 1 Highways toll stations, cash compensation of 1.3 billion would be

              received by 2011.12.31.

2010      Acquired 90% equity in Hanxiao Expressway.

2009      Acquired 60% equity in Jinbao Expressway.

2008      Acquired 90% equity in Guangxi Cangyu Expressway. The road surface work for the project of

              reconstructing Guangdong Qinglian Class I Highway, of which the Company holds a 24% interest,

              into an expressway was completed.

2007      Issued 558 million new shares and raised approximately HK$2.2 billion, and acquired an additional 2.78%

              interest in Guangdong Humen Bridge to 27.78%.

2006      Increased 20% stake in Guangzhou Northern Second Ring Expressway to 60%, and Guangzhou Western 

              Second Ring Expressway, in which the Company holds 35% of equity interest, commenced operation.

2002      Acquired 30% stake in Shantou Bay Bridge.

2001      Increased its holding of equity in Shaanxi Xian Expressway to 100%, and sold its equity in Guangdong

              Xinfeng Highway and Zhejiang Dongyang Shunfu Highway to others.




1999     Acquired 75% equity in Xiang Jiang Bridge II of Hunan.

1998     Acquired 24.3% equity in Guangzhou Northern Ring Road, 51% equity in Shaanxi Xian Expressway, and

             15.6% equity in Guangdong Qinglian Highway.

1997     Acquired 55% equity in Guanghua Highway and 82% equity in Zhejiang Dongyang Shunfu Highway.

1997     In 1997, listed on Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange.




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