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Welcome to the website of Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Co., Ltd. (“YTIC”)

For over 20 years since it got listed, YTIC has been focusing on the investment, construction, operation and management of expressways, bridges and ports. Through market-oriented operations, it has blazed a development path of “domestic acquisition + diversified financing + refined operations + withdrawal from projects” and grown into a specialized investment and management company of transport infrastructure with “nationwide business layout and strong abilities in investment and financing”. Its key performance indicators including enterprise scale, revenues and profits have been increased significantly and its status and influence within the industry has been obviously improved compared with what they were when YTIC first went public.

As the “stabilizer” of Yuexiu Group and standing on the new starting point of development, YTIC will adhere to the core values of “constant transcendence, greater excellence”, steadfastly strive for a bigger and stronger primary business of expressways, go all out to promote the M&A, transformation and expansion of premium projects, strongly carry out the innovations in business models, actively explore diversified development, gradually realize the shift in operational mode from “heavy assets” to “combining light and heavy assets”, try hard to realize enhancement in both scale and benefits and forge ahead toward the goal of becoming a first-rate Chinese asset management company of transport infrastructure.

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