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Welcome to the official website of Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Limited.


Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Limited is a State-Owned-Enterprise listed in Hong Kong. In the past 20 years of development, the Company actively involved the participation of the operational management of expressways and bridges in mainland China, aiming to offer highway transportation with convenience, safety and comforts to the social publics and meanwhile contribute to regional economic development. Currently, the Company engages investments and operations of 15 expressways and bridges in 6 provinces/municipality/autonomous region across China.


Since 2008, Yuexiu Transport has established the business strategy that aims to optimize asset portfolios and expand the core business. When significantly advancing and approaching the goal of being the leading investor and operator of domestic infrastructure facilities, Yuexiu Transport determines to advance portfolios optimization, outside investments and to continuously enhance the level of meticulous management.


Confronting a new external environment after the financial crisis, we will, by conforming to the trend of economic development and industrial transition, continue to strengthen the prestige in the sector and the company’s core competitiveness with a much wider globalized vision. Additionally, we will faithfully fulfill the social responsibilities, create values to shareholders on a sustainable basis, care about the growth of our employees, reduce environmental costs and obtain a ‘win-win’ situation with our clients, all of which will go down to our contribution to the country and the society.


We sincerely hope this website will become the window where Yuexiu Transport will be known on a broad base, also as a connection for bilateral communication that will further advance our cooperation to create together a brighter future.  


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