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YTIL will seize the strategic opportunity to improve the governance structure of modern corporate legal person , optimize the management system suited to business operations and development, opening up domestic and overseas investment and financing channels by taking advantage of overseas financing platforms and domestic investment platforms, establish innovative investment patterns, realize large-scale expansion, and stabilize its return on net assets. YTIL will keep expanding and strengthening the main business line of turnpike, and also extending to diversified industries to create a development pattern and industry layout of “main business lines + PPP + industrial fund investment”.


By the end of the 13th Five-year Plan period, YTIL strives to realize total assets of RMB33.257 billion, an operating revenue of RMB3.3 billion and a total profit of RMB1.45 billion. YTIL will make a big leap forward in total assets and operating efficiency.


Strength builds the brand, the brand makes for credit, credit realizes dreams, and dreams shape the future!


We are a team with a common dream. The YTIL people are on the way of pursuing that dream!


Strategy in the 13th Five-year Plan Period


Strategic positioning: building YTIL into a transport infrastructure enterprise characterized by strong investment and financing capacity, and sustainable development around the core concept of “stable development”, and the strategic theme of “expanding scale, strengthening management and improving efficiency”


Development goal: By the end of the 13th Five-year Plan period, total assets will be 142.1% of those at the end of 2015, total profit will be 166.7% of that of 2015, and business expansion and stable ROE will be realized.



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