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Mr Li Feng

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Mr Li Feng

Mr Li was appointed an executive director of the Company on 13 April 2018. He is the chief capital officer of Guangzhou Yue Xiu and Yue Xiu. He oversees the capital department, customer resource management and synergy department, and the information centre of Guangzhou Yue Xiu and Yue Xiu. He is mainly responsible for formulating and implementing major capital management plans, organizing and coordinating the investor relationship of the listed companies, optimizing and synergizing the customer resources, and enhancing the development of information technology system. Mr Li is an executive director of Yuexiu Property and a director of Guangzhou City Construction & Development Co. Ltd. , a non-executive director of Yuexiu REIT Asset Management Limited (the manager of Yuexiu Real Estate Investment Trust (Stock Code: 405)), a non-executive director of Chong Hing Bank , a director of Guangzhou Yuexiu Financial Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (formerly known as "Guangzhou Friendship Group Co., Ltd."), a company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Shenzhen Stock Code: 987), chairman and a non-executive director of YFHL.

Mr Li graduated from the Faculty of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering of South China University of Technology majoring in naval architecture, and obtained a master of business administration degree from Jinan University. He holds the qualification of a Senior Engineer in China and the certificate in Major Administrative Decision-Making and Argumentation (廣州市重大行政決策論證專家) conferred by the Guangzhou Municipal Government. Mr Li joined Yue Xiu in December 2001 and has successively held positions in Guangzhou Yue Xiu and Yue Xiu including the assistant to general manager, assistant manager of corporate management department, assistant to general manager of supervision and auditing department, deputy general manager of capital department, and deputy general manager of Yue Xiu International Development Limited. Mr Li is familiar with business of listed companies and the operations of capital markets. Since 2008, he has participated in all of the major capital operation projects of Guangzhou Yue Xiu and Yue Xiu. Before that, he was also involved in the successful listing of Yuexiu Real Estate Investment Trust, and has extensive practical experience in capital operations.

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