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Mr Zhu Chunxiu(Chairman)

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Mr Zhu Chunxiu(Chairman)

Mr Zhu was appointed an executive director and Chairman of the Company on 19 March 2014. He is also vice chairman and general manager of Guangzhou Yue Xiu Holdings Limited (“Guangzhou Yue Xiu”), the ultimate holding company of the Company, and Yue Xiu Enterprises (Holdings) Limited (“Yue Xiu”). Mr Zhu was a non-executive director of Yuexiu Financial Holdings Limited, and vice chairman and an executive director of Yuexiu Property Company Limited (“Yuexiu Property”)(Stock Code: 123) and a non-executive director of Chong Hing Bank Limited(Stock Code: 1111),both being companies listed on the Main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited(“Stock Exchange”). Prior to joining Yue Xiu in 2013, Mr Zhu was vice chairman and general manager of Guangzhou Finance Holdings Group Co., Ltd. He was also a director of Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank. Mr Zhu was awarded the Degree in Executive Master of Business Administration by Sun Yat-Sen University. Mr Zhu holds the economist qualification in China and has extensive experience in the operation and management of large financial institutions and banks. He is a deputy of the 14th and 15th session of the Guangzhou City People's Congress.

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