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2011 - 07 - 25
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Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure (“the Company”) has announced on 28th October 2010 that, as notified by Guangzhou Municipal Government, the operation of Class I Highways should be terminated by 31st October 2010, so the Company needs to return all of its interests to Guangzhou Municipal Government(including the interests in Nanxin, Wei’an,Xinguang and Tailong toll station). In return for the exit from operation, Guangzhou Municipal Government would pay for the Company a sum of cash compensation of RMB 1,313 million.(As to 31st December 2010,the account receivable from Guangzhou Municipal Gover...
2011 - 04 - 07
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Arranged by Macquarie, GZI Transport participated Non-Deal Roadshow from 29th to 30th March in Shanghai and Beijing, meeting with quality institutional investors such as China Life Asset Management, China Life Insurance、Fortune SG Fund、Harvest Global Investment、Greenwoods Asset Management and Tokio Marine Asset Management and so on. During the meetings, we have highlighted the 2010 annual results such as that our operating revenue has hit a new record high, and we exceeded the 4 billion investment target for 2010 etc. Investors not only agreed that our 2010 annual results have met with ex...
2011 - 04 - 07
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Arranged by Daiwa Capital, GZI Transport participated the Non-Deal R Roadshow respectively in Hong Kong and Singapore from 17th to 18th March, meeting with more than 10 institutional investors (5 of them are already shareholders of our company), after the 2010 annual results have been announced. During the meetings, we mainly introduced the highlights of 2010 annual results, and reviewed the acquisitions made these years. Moreover, we have also explained our future development strategies.Investors generally agreed that the 2010 annual results are in line with expectation. Besides, they ha...
2011 - 03 - 18
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Revenue Reached RMB1.25 billion; Net profits increased by 40% (March 16, 2011, Hong Kong) — GZI Transport Limited (“GZI Transport” or the “Company”) (Stock Code: 1052) announced today the annual results of the Company and its subsidiaries (the “Group”) for the 12 months ended 31 December 2010 (“the year”). The Group’s revenue for the year increased significantly by 25.2%, as compared to 2009 to RMB 1.25 billion, which was yet another record high since its listing in Hong Kong. Profit attributable to equity holders of the Company amounted to RMB535 million, 39.8% higher than 2009...
2011 - 02 - 01
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Starting in new year 2011, GZT was respectively invited to the Luncheon organized by Daiwa and attended the mini conference organized by CLSA on 18th and 27th in January. The focus during the activities were mainly the new acquisition made and disclosure of Class I Highways in 2010 as well as the future prospects in operating and so on. As an important step to the goal of doubling total asset in 3~5 years and optimizing asset structure, GZT has acquired two new expressways in 2010 – the Hanxiao Expressway in Hubei Province and Changzhu Expressway in Hunan Province, making it exceed the 4 ...
2011 - 02 - 01
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Qinglian Expressway, in which GZT( owns 23.63% in shares, has fully opened to road usage on 25th January 2011 due to the completion of upgrading construction in Lian Nan Section. Mr Li Xinmin , the Vice Chairman and General Manager of GZT, attended the ceremony. Qinglian Expressway was upgraded from the original Qinglian Class 1 Highway, which was one of the first upgrading construction works of rural Class I Highway in nationwide. Being one of the most significant access to outside from the northern part of Guangdong Province, Qinglian Expressway starts from Jingkou in suburban a...
2010 - 12 - 16
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GZI Transport has received two awards from Hong Kong famous financial magazines in 2010, the first one is Excellence of listed Enterprise Awards 2010 from Capital Weekly on 3rd December, and the other is Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise 2010 from Economic Digest on 6th December.       Mr Li Xinmin, Vice Chairman and General Manager of GZI Transport, said at the ceremony, 'GZI Transport got only four Class I Highways and one bridge in 1997 when it was listed in Hong Kong Stock market. Throughout these years, the company has been making great efforts so as...
2010 - 10 - 09
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On 17th and 20th this September, Institutional Investors(Daiwa Capital, KGI Securities, GuoTaiJunAn Securities etc.) and financial medias from mainland and Hong Kong were respectively invited for an on-site visit to projects included GNSR Expressway, GWSR Expressway and Northern Ring Road. They also had conversations with Mr Pan Yongqiang, deputy general manager of GZI Transport, and management teams GNSR and GWSR.  During the conversations, Mr Pan has briefly introduced the background and recent changes of the company, as well as the current and interim operating results, as well as futu...
2010 - 09 - 01
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In August 2010, GZI Transport went to Hongkong, Beijing, Shanghai to participate in the non-deal roadshow (NDR) for domestic and foreign institutional investors arranged by Nomura, CICC and BOCI, after the interim result has been announced. During the NDR, the Company has visited more than 30 asset management companies, fund companies, insurance companies and investment consulting companies, and good results have been achieved. Through the effective and in-depth communication between the Company and investors, the entire market is able to have further and clear understanding of the Compan...
2010 - 08 - 10
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Revenue Records a Double-digit Increase, Profits Rise Over 50%  (Hong Kong, 10 August 2010)…GZI Transport Limited (“GZI Transport” or the “Company”) (Stock Code: 1052) announced today the unaudited interim results of the Company and its subsidiaries (collectively the “Group”) for the 6 months ended 30 June 2010 (the “Reporting Period”). And analyst meeting and press conference were hold at the Island Shangri-La Hotel in Pacific Place with more than 60 fund managers, analysts and reporters attending. During the Reporting Period, revenue of GZI Transport amounted to RMB571.4 milli...
2010 - 07 - 12
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The Guang-Wu Expressway now completely opens for traffic,it only takes 3 hours driving from Guangzhou to Wuzhou via Cangyu Expressway  In June 30th, the Yun-Wu Expressway, linking Hekou town with Pingtai town in Yunfu city, opens for traffic in the morning. Since then, the construction of Guang-Wu Expressway is completed, indicating that it would only take approximately 6 hours driving from Nanning via Wuzhou to Guangzhou, 2 hours less than before. (It used to take more than 4 hours driving from Wuzhou to Guangzhou via Cangyu Expressway, but only 3 hours right now) The Hekou-to-...
2010 - 05 - 20
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During the May holiday started from April 30th to May 9th, GZI Transport Limited (“GZT”) and its subsidiaries in Guangdong Province successfully reduced traffic congestions through utmost extent in expressways and toll stations. Moreover, HuoCun and LuoGang toll stations of GNSR cooperated with counterparts of nearby expressways, helping GNSR and nearby expressways reach a win-win situation. GZT’s impressive performance in the task has completely displayed its excellent executive capacity and high sense of social responsibilities, which were praised as both economic and social b...
2010 - 04 - 06
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On 9 February 2010, representatives of Deutsche Bank, First Shanghai Investments Limited and Guangzhou Securities Co., Ltd. and other institutions visited GZI Transport. Pan Yongqiang, Deputy General Manager, updated our guests with the current assets position, operating conditions and future development strategies of GZI Transport, accompanied the visiting representatives to make on-site visits to expressway projects which included GWSR Expressway, GWSR Expressway and Northern Ring, and gave detailed answers to questions raised by them. The visiting representatives all look forward to fr...
2010 - 04 - 06
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On 19 January 2010, the inauguration ceremony of the road affairs team of GNSR Expressway under Guangdong Provincial Highways Management Bureau was grandly held at the Guangzhou GNSR Expressway Administration Center (廣州市北二環高速公路管理中心), with the honor of having Wang Jun, Deputy Director of Guangdong Provincial Highways Management Bureau, and Li Xinmin, General Manager of GZI Transport as guests.  At the ceremony, General Manager Li Xinmin and Deputy Director Wan Jun delivered speech respectively. General Manager Li pointed out the three crucial elements in carrying out road affairs works smo...
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