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2002 - 11 - 04
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In October 2002, GZI Transport acquired 30% stake in Shantou Bay Bridge for HK$303 million. Shantou Bay Bridge, which has been in operation since December 1995, has total length of 6.5 km including bridge length of 2.5 km and southern and northern connecting routes of 4.0 km. The bridge links Shenshan Expressway in the south and Shanfan Expressway in the north connecting traffic in coastal regions of Fujian Province and Guangdong Province. The bridge has an operation period of 35 years until December 2028. During the first nine months of 2002, daily average traffic volume of Shantou ...
2002 - 09 - 23
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(Unaudited)Six months ended 30th June20022001HK$’000 HK$’000 Turnover173,883214,169Other revenues2,26716,310Amortisation of interests in tollhighways and bridges(37,874)(29,561)Toll highways and bridgesmaintenance expenses(36,787)(39,204)Administrative expenses(13,934)(17,131)Other operating income/(expenses)3,864(3,375)Operating profit91,419141,208Finance costs(20,437)(24,547)Share of profits of associated companies70,72370,179Share of loss of a jointly controlled entity(24,843)--Profit before taxation116,862186,840Taxation(17,169)(15,131)Profit after taxation99,693171,709Minority i...
2002 - 04 - 16
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2001As restated 2000HK$’000HK$’000Turnover418,616468,266Other revenues27,06044,826Depreciation of toll highways and       bridges (79,663) (56,255)Toll highways and bridges       maintenance expenses (77,101) (78,517)Administrative expenses(39,999)(45,960)Other operating expenses(4,436)(7,354)Provision for impairment of goodwill(157,243)Operating profit244,477167,763Finance costs(49,148)(52,995)Share of profits of associated companies119,744146,629Profit befo...
2001 - 09 - 18
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Profit And Loss Account(Unaudited)Six months ended 30th June20012000HK$’000 HK$’000 Turnover214,169231,304Cost of sales(68,765)(68,128)Gross profit 145,404163,176Other revenues 16,31024,034Administrative expenses(17,131)(19,570)Other operating expenses(3,375)(3,239)Operating profit 141,208164,401Finance costs (24,547)(27,898)Share of profits of associated companies70,17976,189Profit before taxation186,840212,692Taxation(15,131)(15,492)Profit after taxation171,709197,200Minority interests(39,247)(51,460)Profit attributable to shareholders132,462145,740Interim dividend31,33731,125Basic...
2000 - 09 - 20
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One of GZI Transport’s major shareholders, Yue Xiu Enterprises (Holdings) Limited ("Yue Xiu"), is pleased to announce that the agreement for a full amount refinancing facility of HK$4.9 billion completed signing on 19 September, 2000 amongst Yue Xiu and its bank creditors.    GZI Transport has been operating normally, and did not participate in the above refinancing facility which only involve the unlisted part of Yue Xiu. However, the Board believes that such development of Yue Xiu will have a positive impact to the Group in enhancing the fund raising capability of the Com...
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