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2017 - 03 - 01
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It is a six-lane expressway of approximately 42.5 km for toll length, with 10 flyovers in total. GNSR Expressway also connects with GWSR Expressway, Guangqing Expressway, Airport Expressway, G4 Expressway, Huanan Expressway, Guanghe Expressway, Guanghui Expressway, GS Superhighway, GESR Expressway, National Highway 105,106,324 and Provincial Highway 114 and so on.
2017 - 03 - 02
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The toll length is approximately 42.1 km with six lanes which is connected to GNSR Expressway, Guangqing Expressway, southern part of GWSR Expressway and Guangsan Expressway.
2017 - 03 - 02
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It is located in the west of Tianjin Municipality, and Hebei Province at the junction, and linking the Jinbao Expressway (Hebei section), Jinghu Expressway and Tianjin Waihuan Lane etc. with a toll length of approximately 23.9 km with four lanes.
2017 - 03 - 02
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It is a six-lane suspension highway bridge with a toll length o f approximately 15.8 km linking Panyu District of Guangzhou City and Dongguan City. Its two ends are connected to the GS Superhighway and Guangzhou Zhuhai Eastern Expressway.
2017 - 03 - 02
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It is located in Cangwu County of Wuzhou City in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, linking the Cangwu County of Guangxi with the Yunan County of Guangdong Province. The toll length is apporximately 23.3 km with four lanes, forming a part of Guangkun Expressway(G80).
2017 - 03 - 02
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It is located within Guangzhou City with a toll length of approximately 22.0 km with six lanes. It is a part of Guangzhou Second Ring Expressway, Guangzhou section of Shenhai Expressway and Fukun section of National Highway, linking with GS Superhighway and Guangzhou Foshan Expressway.
2017 - 03 - 02
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It starts from Huangpi District, Wuhan city and ended at Xiaonan District, Xiaogan City. The toll length is approximately 38.5 km with four lanes. Han-Xiao Expressway also connects with Wuhan Airport Expressway, G4 Expressway, Wuhan Ring Road, Daijashan-Huangpi Expressway and Xiaoxiang Expressway.
2017 - 03 - 02
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It is located in the eastern entrance of Shantou Harbour which connects Shenshan Expressway in the south and stretches over Shoutou Harbour Huangsha Bay Sea. The project's toll length is approximately 6.5 km with six lanes.
2017 - 03 - 02
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It starts from Huanghua Village in the Changsha County, Changsha City, while ending at northwest of Zhuzhou Electric Factory. Changzhu Expressway ha