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2019 - 11 - 20
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地图显示var map = new AMap.Map('container', {lang: 'en' //可选值:en,zh_en, zh_cn});var path1 = [[114.855075,29.364559],[114.851673,29.370806],[114.842607,29.3775],[114.838894,29.381915],[114.831062,29.416762],[114.832381,29.421772],[114.835074,29.425287],[114.842369,29.429661],[114.845287,29.432838],[114.845974,29.436054],[114.845845,29.441885],[114.84932,29.447716],[114.850264,29.451454],[114.84923,29.454007],[114.847125,29.458582],[114.846049,29.465399],[114.843383,29.470663],[114.8432,29.474166],[114.846783,29.482069],[114.846224,29.497276],[114.851073,29.508222],[114.857466,29.515...
2017 - 03 - 02
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It is the connection between Xian and Lintong as well as a part of Lianhuo Expressway(G30) with a toll length of approximately 20.1 km with four lanes and intersects with Rao Cheng Expressway. It is also a major access connecting Xian City to World Famous historical relics and scenic sports such as Terra-Cotta Warriors and Huaqing Hot Spring.
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