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Development Strategy

Overall strategies:

■       Corporate vision: First-rate asset management company of transport infrastructure

■       Strategic positioning: Build Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure into a asset management company of transport infrastructure with strong abilities in investment, financing and sustainable development by centering on the core concept of “stable development” and with the development strategies of “expanding scale, strengthening management and increasing benefits”.

Strategic orientation:

 Strategic orientation: “Highway +”

       Make the primary business bigger and stronger, give further play to Yuexiu Group’s role as a stabilizer; continuously promote the M&A of premium expressway projects; pay close attention and grasp the opportunity to invest in the transformation and expansion of existing projects; focus on key regions to promote the PPP investment in highways and invigoration of existing projects under the precondition of controllable risks;

       Innovations in business models: Intensify the innovations in the operational model of the primary business of expressways, enhance asset management ability and pay continuous attention to the opportunities of financial investment and innovative incubation investment in the field of transport infrastructure.

Industry strategies:

■       Persist in the strategic focus, continuously make the primary business of expressways bigger and stronger, actively advance the investment and M&A of premium expressway projects;

■       Take an active part in the investment in the transformation and expansion of expressways as well as premium PPP projects; open up new businesses like management output;

■       Explore and advance the innovations in the business models oriented toward the publicly offered REITs;

■       Work hard to output the results of scientific research innovations for commercialization and application so that technological innovations can continue to boost the high-quality development of enterprises.

Regional strategies:

■      Grasp the development opportunities brought by the construction of “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area” and “Rise of Central China” and continuously expand the opportunities for M&A in the key cities of central and west China while taking an active part in the construction of the Greater Bay Area;

■      Focus on acquiring the projects of national expressway backbone network, expressway connecting links of key cities, ring expressways of key cities and large bridges that cross the sea or river.

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