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2014 - 04 - 04
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Impressive Operating ResultsProfit Attributable to Shareholders & Total Dividend Surge 30%  Financial Highlights:For the year ended 31 December (RMB ‘000)20122013ChangeRevenue 1,485,2111,753,084+18.0%Profit before income tax806,245953,645+18.3%Profit attributable to shareholders426,915554,419+29.9%Basic earnings per share (RMB)0.25520.3314+29.9%Final dividend per shareHK$0.11HK$0.16+45.5%Paid interim dividend per share  HK$0.09HK$0.10+11.1%Total annual dividend per shareHK$0.20HK$0.26+30.0%Annual dividend payout ratio63.7%62.1%-1.6 pp Results Highlights and Outlook:...
2013 - 09 - 13
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From 2013-08-20 to 2013-08-21, Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure attend the post 2013 Interim Result NDR organized by Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Singapore. General Manager Mr. He Baiqing, Deputy General Manager Mr. Pan Yongqiang and Department of Investor Relations attended the above activities.  With the influence of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, management team have met large international institutional investors such as Fidelity International Investment, Schroders PLC, Allianz Global Investors and J.P. Morgan Asset Management, ect, each of whose assets under management amount...
2013 - 04 - 18
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Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure attended 2012 annual results Non-Deal Roadshows organized by International Investment Banks After announcing 2012 annual results on March 18th, Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure attended Non-deal Roashows respectively organized by JP. Morgan, Daiwa Capital and HSBC on March 19th, 25th and 26th in Hong Kong, Singapore and Beijing. On behalf of the company, Deputy Chairman Mr. Li Xinmin, General Manager Mr. He Baiqing, Deputy General Manager Mr. Pan Yongqiang and Department of Investor Relations attended the above activities. During the Non-Deal ...
2013 - 04 - 28
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2012 - 12 - 28
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On December 8th, the 3rd Annual Scientific Management Awards Ceremony took place in Beijing. On behalf of Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure, the Deputy General Manager Mr Ma Tengjun presented the ceremony. The Award of Scientific Management is the only award of science and technology of State level in the field of scientific management (approved and set up by National Department of Science and Technology Awards). Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure was the only toll road operator that had won the prize out of more than three hundred candidates. The event also indicates that the Company is ...
2012 - 12 - 18
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On December 3, Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure presented the ‘Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprises Parade 2012’ organized by the well known financial media ‘Economic Digest’, and was awarded as ‘Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise’. Mr.He Boqing, the General Manager, received the award on behalf of the Company.  In his speech, Mr.He stated that although based on PRD region, the Company has been aggressively seeking opportunities in central and western China as the strategy. By acquiring expressways with high quality, the objective of doubling total asset has been achieved. Meanwhile, Mr.He...
2012 - 12 - 04
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On November 1st 2012, the Company was invited to the 2012 Greater China Conference organized by Citi Group in Macau. Mr. Pan Yongqiang, the Deputy General Manager, and the Investor Relation Department attended the conference. From November 7th to 8th 2012, the Company was invited to the 2012 China Conference organized by Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Beijing. Mr. Li Xinmin, the Vice Chairman and General Manager, along with Investor Relation Department attended the conference. Through one-on-one or small group meetings, management discussed with institutional investors covering issues s...
2012 - 11 - 05
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On October 26th, Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure attended the ceremony of "The Excellence of Listed Enterprise Awards 2012", which is organized by the well-known Hong Kong Financial Media 'Capital Weekly'. Mr Pan Yongqiang, the Deputy GM, received the award on behalf of the Company. This is also the third time that the Company has won the award since 2010, indicating that Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure has been well recognized by the market regarding its business achievements in recent years.
2012 - 08 - 30
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After 2012 Interim Result was released on 15 August, Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure attend the post result NDR organized by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citi Bank and HSBC in Hong Kong(from 8.16 to 8.17), Singapore (from 8.21 to 8.22) and Beijing and Shanghai (from 8.21 to 8.22) respectively. Management team and IR department of the company attended the NDR. During the NDR, we have meet institutional investors such as Value Partners, Schroders Investment, Morgan Stanley AM、Nomura AM、China Property Insurance AM and so on. Management mainly discussed and communicated with investors regar...
2012 - 08 - 30
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Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure, on 15 August, 2012, hold the press release the 2012 Interim Result. Management team presented on the behalf of the company included  Mr. Li Xinmin (Deputy Chairman and General Manager), Mr. He Baiqing (Senior Deputy General Manager), Mr. Pan Yongqiang (Deputy General Manager) and Ms. Chan Kam Ting. Mr. Pan, on the behalf of the company, has presented the highlights of 2012 interim results. Additionally, Mr. Pan also gave the business review of the first half and outlooks on future strategies, considering current economy and polices carried out in toll...
2012 - 05 - 25
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On May 18th , analysts and fund manager from CITI Bank, DBS Vickers, HSBC, Daiwa Capital and Guosen Securities attended the on-site visit to Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure in Guangzhou. Not only they had meeting with the Management team, but they also visit the project company of GSNR Expressway.  Vice Chairman and General Manager, Mr Li Xinmin, and Deputy General Manager, Mr Pan Yongqiang presented on behalf of the company to meet with analysts and fund manager.  Among the conversations, issues as followed were covered: (1) Previews of policy in toll road sector; (2) Process of th...
2012 - 05 - 25
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After the 2011 annual results were announced, YXTI attended several post result NDR as followed:(1)March 22nd~23rd : NDR in Hong Kong organized by J.P. Morgan (2)March 26th~27th: NDR in Singapore organized by DBS Vickers (3)March 29th~30th: NDR in Beijing and Shanghai organized by HSBC (4)April 12th~13th: NDR in Japan organized by Daiwa CapitalDuring the meetings, we typically presented the highlights of 2011 annual results, and also reviewed our business progress in recent three years. Besides the updates of operation on each project, we also shared our views of the company’s future strategie...
2011 - 08 - 28
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Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure (“Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure” or the “Company”) (Stock Code: 1052) announced today the interim results of the Company and its subsidiaries (the “Group”) for the six months ended 30 June 2011 (“the Reporting Period”). The Group’s revenue for the first half of 2011 amounted to RMB 623 million, representing an increase of 9.1 percent over the same period in 2010. Profit attributable to equity holders of the Company reached RMB 254 million, 6.86% higher than the first half of 2010. Basic earnings per share for the Reporting Period was RMB 0.1521. The Board...
2011 - 07 - 25
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Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure (“the Company”) has announced on 28th October 2010 that, as notified by Guangzhou Municipal Government, the operation of Class I Highways should be terminated by 31st October 2010, so the Company needs to return all of its interests to Guangzhou Municipal Government(including the interests in Nanxin, Wei’an,Xinguang and Tailong toll station). In return for the exit from operation, Guangzhou Municipal Government would pay for the Company a sum of cash compensation of RMB 1,313 million.(As to 31st December 2010,the account receivable from Guangzhou Municipal Gover...
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