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GZI Transport participated Non-Deal Roadshow in Beijing, Shanghai and Hongkong

Date: 2010-09-01
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In August 2010, GZI Transport went to Hongkong, Beijing, Shanghai to participate in the non-deal roadshow (NDR) for domestic and foreign institutional investors arranged by Nomura, CICC and BOCI, after the interim result has been announced.


During the NDR, the Company has visited more than 30 asset management companies, fund companies, insurance companies and investment consulting companies, and good results have been achieved. Through the effective and in-depth communication between the Company and investors, the entire market is able to have further and clear understanding of the Company. Based on the Company’s sounding operating results, dividend policy and financial structure, investors remain optimistic on the prospects of the Company. Moreover, the positive impacts by increasingly transparent operation and frequent contacts with investors have been further consolidated.  


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