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The official inauguration of the road affairs team of GNSR Expressway

Date: 2010-04-06
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On 19 January 2010, the inauguration ceremony of the road affairs team of GNSR Expressway under Guangdong Provincial Highways Management Bureau was grandly held at the Guangzhou GNSR Expressway Administration Center (廣州市北二環高速公路管理中心), with the honor of having Wang Jun, Deputy Director of Guangdong Provincial Highways Management Bureau, and Li Xinmin, General Manager of GZI Transport as guests.


At the ceremony, General Manager Li Xinmin and Deputy Director Wan Jun delivered speech respectively. General Manager Li pointed out the three crucial elements in carrying out road affairs works smoothly, which are (1) setting stringent requirements for road affairs team in accordance with the road affairs management standards of provincial authorities; (2) constantly gaining the relevant road affairs knowledge from the road administration departments of provincial authorities; and (3) fully coordinating with the relevant traffic police units while handling road surface affairs. Deputy Director Wan Jun stressed that all highways in the province are closely linked, and in order to accomplish road affairs tasks effectively, the road affairs team of GNSR Expressway shall communicate, interact, engage in mutual learning and aid with the road affair teams of peripheral road networks.



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