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Efforts of Cangyu were highly recognized by Guangxi Expressway Administration Bureau

Date: 2010-04-06
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 On 17 December 2009, the Expressway Administration Bureau of Guangxi Autonomous Region conducted a year-end performance review on Guangxi Cangyu Expressway. The review focuses on five areas and involves comprehensive inspections with respect to road surface conditions, green conservations, road affairs management, toll stations and spiritual cultivation. The inspection team has a high opinion of achievements attained by Cangyu Expressways Company (蒼郁高速公路公司)in 2009 and believes that the management experience, marketing ideology, unremitting efforts in road surface maintenance and green conservations, standard of repairing and maintenance, measures and experience in combating toll evasions and modus operandi which attaches great importance to safety of Cangyu Company (蒼郁公司) are worth promoting throughout the region. The administration expects Cangyu Expressway to become the model expressway with minimal traffic accidents in Guangxi and help boosting the management standard of expressways in Guangxi region.

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