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CPC Branch Activities of Hanxiao Expressway

Date: 2020-10-28
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Listening to the echo of history and feeling the power of discipline


In order to further learn and implement Xi Jinping’s thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, educate and guide party members to build up a firm belief and a strict discipline, and rule the CPC rigorously in all aspects, CPC branch members, active CPC candidates and Youth League members of Hubei Xiaohan Expressway Construction and Operation Co., Ltd. (“Xiaohan Company”) visited the CPC Discipline Building History Exhibition Hall in Wuhan Revolution Museum to listen to the echo of history and feel the power of discipline.

 At the exhibition hall, the visitors were set on a tour of thematic exhibitions on the history of the CPC Central Supervisory Committee –“Establishment and Exploration”, “Progress and Tortuousness”, “Recovery and Development”, and “New Era and New Journey”. The abundant images and videos, vivid models, and valuable relics reflected the discipline building concepts, strategic approaches and key achievements of the CPC in different periods in a full, objective and truthful manner, and the history and experience of always taking discipline building as an integral part of its great cause. The visitors learned the history of discipline building, party-style and clean government building, and discipline execution of the CPC since its establishment while recalling the glorious deeds of the revolutionary pioneers, and felt that discipline building was always ongoing. After the visit, all CPC members raised their right hands and took a solemn oath in front of the CPC flag in the hall, expressing the firm belief and resolution of bearing the original aspiration and mission in mind. The visitors said that they should further strengthen responsibility awareness, always keep a clear and vigilant mind, obey the discipline and laws strictly, and work hard.

 Since the discipline education and learning themed month, the CPC branch of Xiaogan Company has distributed over 60 copies of learning materials, including introduction of important CPC regulations, defined anti-corruption education as a compulsory course for theory studies, and learning and implementing the CPC constitution, regulations and discipline as an important task in full coverage; it has offered the CPC course titled “further strengthening Party self-discipline in all respects and at all times” to build a firm ideological and institutional defense line against corruption; it has shown the educational films Evil Umbrella and Corrosive Turbid Currents, where bad examples are presented to further enhance the awareness of righteous behavior; it has organized the CPC members to watch the patriotic film The Eight Hundred to strengthen patriotic education, and further improve their perceptual knowledge of the CPC regulations and discipline, and write down feelings and experiences on clean practices to strengthen professional ethics in day-to-day work. In the future, the CPC branch of Xiaogan Company will further conduct anti-corruption education and learning, enhance the awareness of clean practices of all employees, and give play to the exemplary role of the CPC members. Let’s work hard with a steadfast belief to provide strong disciplinary support for our better and faster development.

CPC Branch Activities of Hanxiao Expressway

CPC Branch Activities of Hanxiao Expressway


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