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Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure announced 2012 interim result

Date: 2012-08-30
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 Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure, on 15 August, 2012, hold the press release the 2012 Interim Result. Management team presented on the behalf of the company included  Mr. Li Xinmin (Deputy Chairman and General Manager), Mr. He Baiqing (Senior Deputy General Manager), Mr. Pan Yongqiang (Deputy General Manager) and Ms. Chan Kam Ting.


Mr. Pan, on the behalf of the company, has presented the highlights of 2012 interim results. Additionally, Mr. Pan also gave the business review of the first half and outlooks on future strategies, considering current economy and polices carried out in toll road sector.


After the presentation, management team of the company also had communications with medias, fund managers and analysts regarding outlooks of macro-economy, toll road sector policy, the company’s future business development, dividend policy and so on.


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