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YXTI attended NDR after 2011 annual results

Date: 2012-05-25
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 After the 2011 annual results were announced, YXTI attended several post result NDR as followed:

(1)March 22nd~23rd : NDR in Hong Kong organized by J.P. Morgan
(2)March 26th~27th: NDR in Singapore organized by DBS Vickers
(3)March 29th~30th: NDR in Beijing and Shanghai organized by HSBC
(4)April 12th~13th: NDR in Japan organized by Daiwa Capital

During the meetings, we typically presented the highlights of 2011 annual results, and also reviewed our business progress in recent three years. Besides the updates of operation on each project, we also shared our views of the company’s future strategies, dividend policy and policy in toll road sector.


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