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GZI Transport participated Non-Deal Roadshow in Hong Kong and Singapore

Date: 2011-04-07
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 Arranged by Daiwa Capital, GZI Transport participated the Non-Deal R Roadshow respectively in Hong Kong and Singapore from 17th to 18th March, meeting with more than 10 institutional investors (5 of them are already shareholders of our company), after the 2010 annual results have been announced.


During the meetings, we mainly introduced the highlights of 2010 annual results, and reviewed the acquisitions made these years. Moreover, we have also explained our future development strategies.Investors generally agreed that the 2010 annual results are in line with expectation. Besides, they have been quite impressive by our exceeding 4 billion investment target for 2010 that shows our strong determination to double total assets and improve ROE. As the Cangyu Expressway and Jinbao Expressway that we acquired in 2009 both outperformed what consultancies have forecasted, investors truly believe the newly acquired Hanxiao Expressway and Changzhu Expressway in 2010, due to their superior locations and gradual improvement of surrounding road network, would become important profit drivers in future.


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