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Luncheon by Daiwa and Mini conference by CLSA: GZT starts 2011 IR activities

Date: 2011-02-01
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Starting in new year 2011, GZT was respectively invited to the Luncheon organized by Daiwa and attended the mini conference organized by CLSA on 18th and 27th in January. The focus during the activities were mainly the new acquisition made and disclosure of Class I Highways in 2010 as well as the future prospects in operating and so on.


As an important step to the goal of doubling total asset in 3~5 years and optimizing asset structure, GZT has acquired two new expressways in 2010 – the Hanxiao Expressway in Hubei Province and Changzhu Expressway in Hunan Province, making it exceed the 4 billion investment target for 2010. Moreover, GZT has exited the operation of four Class I highways and would be compensated by about 1.3 billion RMB in return. The announcement of all these important news to the market has lead to the remarkable performance in GZT’s Shares. As to 31st December 2010, the share price of GZT has recorded an accumulated increase by 45.6% while the Hang Seng Index has only increase by 5.4% and the peers has only increased by 24.8% in average annually, hence our share price outperformed. Also, the trading volumes and turnovers have largely increased compared with previous, leading to the huge increase in GZT’s market cap.


Investors have positively commented on GZT’s developing strategies, especially in terms of our exceeding the 4 billion investment target set for 2010. They truly believe the new acquisitions made in last year would show great prospects and drive up GZT’s profitability in future.


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