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The Guang-Wu Expressway now completely opens for traffic

Date: 2010-07-12
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 The Guang-Wu Expressway now completely opens for traffic,it only takes 3 hours driving from Guangzhou to Wuzhou via Cangyu Expressway


The Guang-Wu Expressway now completely opens for traffic


In June 30th, the Yun-Wu Expressway, linking Hekou town with Pingtai town in Yunfu city, opens for traffic in the morning. Since then, the construction of Guang-Wu Expressway is completed, indicating that it would only take approximately 6 hours driving from Nanning via Wuzhou to Guangzhou, 2 hours less than before. (It used to take more than 4 hours driving from Wuzhou to Guangzhou via Cangyu Expressway, but only 3 hours right now)


The Hekou-to-Pingtai Section of the Guang-Wu Expressway starts from Hekou Town of the Yuncheng District and ends in Gudong village of Pingtai Town in Yunfu City. It also links with the Cangyu Expressway in which GZI holds 90% interest in Guangxi Province.With the completion of this 98-kilometre section, both the road network in mountainous area of Western Guangdong Province, expressway network of Guangdong Province and the national road network would be greatly benefited.



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