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Yilian Expressway open to traffic

Date: 2011-10-11
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On 25th September 2011, the Yilian Expressway has open to traffic, which serves as an important channel links with Hunan province and Guangzhou city. As the Yilian Expressway is connecting with Qinglian Expressway(One of our associates) which locates in Guangdong Province, the network (Guangqing Expressway-Qinglian Expressway-Yilian Expressway) which serves a fast track between Hunan province and Guandong Province has nearly completed, smoothing the Pearl River Delta road network that also facilitate the traffic between other provinces and Guangdong Province.

Since the Yilian Expressway has commenced to traffic, it also helps to improve the transport efficiency of Qinglian Expressway. Thus we expect a robust growth in traffic and toll revenue for Qinglian Expressway.


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