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ETC gantry on the Cangyu Expressway optimized for higher accuracy

Date: 2020-07-30
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In order to further reduce toll losses and improve billing accuracy, Yuexiu Cangyu Expressway Co.,Ltd. (“Cangyu Company”) tested and optimized the gantry system under the technical guidance of Guangxi Transportation Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., with focus on checking the gantry software and antenna settings, judging the surrounding environment and the antenna angles on site, analyzing transaction logs and special case data, etc.

As the contractor of the electrical and mechanical engineering for the canceled provincial boundary toll gates on the Cangyu Expressway, Guangxi Transportation Science and Technology Group began to fine-tune the gantry antennas along the Cangyu Expressway together with the electrical and mechanical technicians of Cangyu Company in July 2020. Optimization was first conducted on the software. The frequency of the gantry antennas was reduced appropriately from 75MHz to 55MHz to activate CPC and ETC vehicles more accurately to increase the identification and transaction rates at the dual gantries; second the CPC transaction process was optimized from the former a1b1-a5b5 one to an a1a2-b1b2 information exchange process, thereby saving the information exchange amount in a limited time, and increasing the transaction success rate of CPC cards; third, the database optimized abnormal transactions using the Elsedown intelligent computing method to avoid transaction errors due to typing errors of entrance toll collectors, causing simultaneous information write-in on different road segments into CPC cards .

Optimization was then conducted on the on-site equipment. The antenna angles were fine-tuned to achieve more accurate performance in CPC scanning and ETC, minimize transaction errors and omissions, and trim the license plate identification devices for more accurate license plate identification in more extreme situations.

Optimization was finally conducted on data analysis. Cangyu Company organized electrical and mechanical engineering and operation technicians to analyze and discuss about gantry transaction data and special cases, and exchange experience with other nearby segments to reduce gantry transaction failures and auditing difficulty, and overcome downsides in analysis, and finally drafted a fine tuning program. Through joint efforts of all teams, gantry system optimization has been completed successfully.

Since the ETC gantry system was optimized, all operating indicators have been more or less improved, where the average pass rate of ETC transactions is 99.75%, up 0.07% from the previous level; the average pass rate of CPC transactions 99.26%, up 0.09%; and the average pass rate of license plate identification 99.40%, up 0.09%. It provides technical assurance for subsequent related works such as further optimization, and gantry operation and maintenance tracking, guarantees that problems are discovered and solved timely, and ensures gantry billing to be “more accurate with higher pass rate”, thereby supporting company operations effectively.

ETC gantry on the Cangyu Expressway optimized for higher accuracy

Gantry cabinet inspection and tuning by a technician

ETC gantry on the Cangyu Expressway optimized for higher accuracy

ETC gantry optimization by a technician

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