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Hancai Expressway/67%

Date 2019-11-20
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Hancai Expressway/67%


Hancai Expressway is 35.983km in total length, coded No. S15. Among the total length of 35.983km, its first 13km section is  two-way six-lane , and the rest is  two-way four-lane . One main line toll station (Qintai Station), one ramp toll station (Suohe Station), one monitoring and communication toll center and one service area (Xihu Service Area) are set up along the whole line, and four interchange projects (Miliangshan Interchange, Hongmiao Interchange, Suohe Interchange and Zhuru Interchange) are set up as well. Hancai Expressway is one of the eight highways of Wuhan city circle. It is an important western exit passage connecting Wuhan Third Ring Road and Beijing-Hongkong-Macao Highway (line coded No. G4), and extending to Shanghai-Chongqing Highway (line coded No. G50).

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