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Daguangnan Expressway/90%

Date 2019-11-20
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Daguangnan Expressway/90%


Daguannan Expressway, with a total length of 107.077km and coded G45, is the Longitudinal Line 5 in the north-south direction of the national highway “7918” Network. It is located in the southernmost section in Hubei Province and serves as an important part of the main framework of “six longitudinal, five transverse and one ring” highways in Hubei Province. Daguannan expressway starts from Huahu of Ezhou City.In its north it is connected to Huahu Hub which joins  Wuhuang section of Shanghai-Chengdu Highway and Edong Bridge, and in the south it joins Hangrui Highway in Yangxin County of Huangshi City through a hub interchange, and it ends at Wangjiafan of Tongshan County at the junction of Hubei Province and Jiangxi Province. It is also connected with Jiangxi Section of Large south highway through E-Gan Tunnel, linking between  the north and the south as well as the east and the west.

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