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2015 - 09 - 21
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Technological innovation in bridge expansion joint—Pre-stressed multidirectional shifting retractor  I.     Background of innovation It is learned that bridge expansion joints of the project companies affiliated to our company are mostly modulus-type Molor expansion joints. When they are damaged, they have to be cut to chip away concrete before replacement. It usually takes 2-3 days to chip away an expansion joint; and 7 days for place concrete or two days for fast setting concrete to cure after placement. Half-closed construction would impose great pressure ...
2016 - 03 - 28
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Green pavement recycling technology applied in Shaanxi—100% recycling of waste asphalt in the road maintenance of Xi'an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone Have you seen any case of road maintenance and improvement “without closing the road, without affecting traffic and without noise”? In the morning of March 20, such a case was seen on Jinye Second Road in the development zone. A 100m west segment from Tangyan South Road of Jinye Second Road to Zhangba Second Road in the development zone was improved using a brand-new road maintenance technology – “thermal regeneration-based ro...
2015 - 12 - 16
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Survey on the application of recycled pavement materials and WMA mixtures in the U.S. As of 20:00 on November 22, 2015, the cumulative sunshine duration of Beijing since the beginning of November was only 31.8 hours, being the lowest in the same period since 1951, while the average value of the same period was 136.4 hours in the past. In addition, many places of northern China hit historical lows in sunshine duration. Except rains and snows, heavy haze that lasts for days is a major “sunshine killer”, and removing haze becomes an urgent “gray topic”. All industries are making efforts...
2014 - 07 - 15
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The world’s largest valley-crossing suspension bridge completed and open in Aizhai, Hunan Ultra-large suspension bridge in Aizhai, western Hunan before opening On March 31, the steel truss girder suspension bridge with the largest valley-crossing span in the world – the Aizhai Bridge – was completed and open. At that time, the Changsha-Chongqing Expressway with a full length of over 800 kilometers was fully open. The ultra-large Aizhai Suspension Bridge stretches across the Dehang Valley in Aizhai, western Hunan, being a controlling work on the Jishou-Chadong Expressway on the C...
2013 - 05 - 08
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Innovative and optimal traffic organization program applied in the reinforcement and maintenance of the Shuili Bridge of the North Second Ring Expressway The 417m-long Shuili Bridge of the North Second Ring Expressway is based on cast-in-place reinforced concrete continuous box girders. It was found through testing that under prolonged, repeated vehicle loads, the base, web and flange slabs in the superstructure have been cracked to varying degrees. The bridge is rated III, and the fulcrum sections of the box girders of the bridge have insufficient bending resistance and bearing capacity....
2012 - 02 - 20
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Innovation in asphalt covering over cement concrete pavement  I.     Project overview 1.    BackgroundThe North Second Ring Expressway is paved alternatively with cement concrete and asphalt concrete. After nine years of operation, it has contributed greatly to the economic and traffic development of Guangzhou City, but with the growth of traffic and the action of heavy-loaded vehicles, its existing cement concrete pavement has been damaged to varying degrees, affecting driving safety and comfort. Therefore, we proposed to pave asphalt covering...
2011 - 10 - 26
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Application of new bridge and pavement technologies01Study on comprehensive reinforcement and reconstruction techniques for concrete steel frame arched bridges, and their application in Guangzhou City02Research and development of techniques for bridge reinforcement using new pre-stressed systems03Countermeasures for the functional diagnosis and preventive maintenance of cement concrete pavements
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